What To Expect



We are located directly next to Franz Bakery with plenty of parking out front. There is also on-street parking available for larger vehicles. The main entrance is a glass door under the lighted sign with our church logo on it.


We begin at 10 AM on Sunday. There is an adult class for verse-by-verse teaching of a particular book of the Bible. Pastor Isaac is currently teaching through the Old Testament book of Genesis. When that book is completed, we will begin our study in a book from the New Testament. This method of teaching lends itself to (1) a thorough understanding of the immediate text, (2) a broad overview of other scriptures related to the text, and (3) an avoidance of "skipping" the less popular verses and their Biblical implications. Feel free to interrupt, ask questions, and contribute to the study hour. We finish at about 10 til.


A separate nursery service is provided for both services for children 4 and under.


The Main Service begins at 11 AM. We'll have singing, announcements, testimonies, special music, and preaching. We sing the traditional hymns with a piano. The sermon that follows is chosen by the pastor from a different portion of scripture each week and is usually finished by noon. The preaching is intended, simply, to minister to God's people, and stir our hearts to line up with God's desires (Colossians 3:1, 2).


Our Afternoon Service starts at 2:30 PM year round. This allows our out-of-town members to get back home before dark in the winter or finish up chores in the summer. Expect some singing, announcements, and preaching or teaching. If you have any questions, we'll give you a Bible answer. We are currently studying the book of Ephesians.


Children's Sunday School is taught by Abi during the 2:30 service. Children 10 and under can sing, hear a bible story, do crafts, play games, and memorize bible verses.



What To Do


Before you arrive, please take time to pray:

 for yourself,
 for your brethren,
 for your preacher,

"...that God in all things may be glorified through Jesus Christ..." (1 Peter 4:11).